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A Note From Jon ​​

As we enter this season of  joy, life, and light, I am excited to once again partner with Thistle Farms to help women victims of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction find healing, hope, and freedom. 

This is the 5th year of this partnership! Each year, we exceeded our goal of selling 500 candles within days of announcing the campaign.


I'm excited to do it again this year! ​

500 Candles in 5 Days

Each morning for over 20 years, members of the Thistle Farms community light a candle in the Nashville headquarters as a universal symbol of sanctuary and love for the next survivor coming in off the streets. 

You are invited to join the vigil. 

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Thistle Farms
2015 Graduate & Assistant Director
of Manufacturing 


"I remember coming into the program and realizing that for years, the candle was lit for me. Knowing that people loved me and were fighting for me long before I ever knew was humbling and I am forever grateful. Making our candles is the most important thing I do. Healing, hope, and unconditional love go into each one."

500 Candles

The Healing Collection 


Aromatherapy candles handcrafted with essential oil blends to inspire a sense of Balance, Calm, and Focus

Seasonal Scents


Limited edition scents that help welcome the hope and light of the season.

Love Heals Collection 


Handcrafted in small batches with the finest soy wax and naturally fragranced with 100% pure essential oils.